Clubbing without the comedown

The beginning of the new year is often a time for many of us to assess our life choices and set new goals.

For a lot of us, that could mean going out less, and taking care of our bodies more.

New Year’s resolutions of healthy eating can cause many people to become bored and frustrated

But what if you’re not completely ready to exchange your party lifestyle for a life of juicing and jogging?

Then you should try Clubbercise, a club-inspired workout class designed to help you hit a natural high.

Work up a sweat to classic 90s dance tracks at a Clubbercise class

The class consists of easy to follow routines set to an uplifting soundtrack of 90s classics and current house and dance music.

Classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights, creating a nightclub atmosphere!

Clubbercise classes are perfect for people of all fitness abilities and are the perfect way to get in shape without feeling like you’re missing out on any of the fun!

Get you glow sticks at the ready for the night club themed exercise class


Hannah has been going to Clubbercise classes for a year.

“I love the atmosphere in the classes, they’re so much fun! It feels like a night out with my friends but without the calorific drinks and the hangover the next day.”

Clubbercise classes are taught at Rhiwbina Recreational Club every Wednesday evening.

Call 029 2069 3583 for more information!


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