New Year’s resolutions

With Christmas over and the New Year looming, many of us will be thinking about the fitness goals that we would like to achieve.

But how should you make these goals, and how can you stick to them?

This helpful article from Women’s Health will answer all your questions on setting goals and how to stick to them.


Other foolproof ways to stick to your fitness goals:

Write down your goals

Writing down a list of your fitness goals helps you to clearly plan and realise what you want to achieve. Keep this list in a place that you can see them to remind yourself of them when you’re lacking in motivation.

Tell friends and family about your goals

This can help them remind you and motivate you of what you would like to achieve, and they can offer you vital support.

Buy new workout clothes

Even the most fitness phobic among us can’t help but feel ready to hit the gym when they’re clad in some funky leggings or the latest trainers. Buy some affordable workout gear from Missguided or splash out on the latest sportswear from Nike.

Fitness gadgets

Use fitness gadgets such as My Fitness Pal  or even buy a Fitbit to help keep track of your goals and engage with other people in the fitness community.

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