Roll up, roll up! There’s a new fitness craze in town!

Loud, pumping music fills the room that contains about a dozen trapezes hanging from the low ceiling. The girls seamlessly switch from slowly swinging from the trapeze by their hands to being upside down, their long legs wrapped around the bar.

Whilst this might not sound like your average exercise session, these girls are actually in the middle of a TrapFit class.

TrapFit is a low flying aerial trapeze fitness class. It requires intense strength work, cardio movement and deep stretching.


Originating from Hollywood, the home of fitness fads, TrapFit has spread to other countries.


The class begins with 20 minutes of warm up – safely on the ground, followed by another 20 minutes of warm up using a very heavy aluminium and rubber bar, before exercises begin on the trapeze itself.

Although the circus themed fitness class may seem like a lot of fun, experts warn that it is an extremely intense full body work out, and should only be undertaken by those who are already relatively fit.

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Watch the video below to find out more about TrapFit.








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